Web Design Portfolio

Savita Khemlani Yoga

Savita Khemlani Yoga

This client already had a website on Wix, however she wanted to refresh the design on a small budget and lower her hosting costs.  I recommended building the site with WordPress on a Hostinger business plan.  Not only was this budget friendly, with over £200 a year saved on web and email hosting, but it offered the performance level and backup features required for a business site.  The client also needed a booking system for her yoga classes and I set this up using BookingPress based on her budget and requirements.  Over Zoom I was able to provide coaching on how to make changes to the site and manage the booking system.

Savita Khemlani Yoga

Surrey Property Developers LTD

This client was looking for an affordable website for his property maintenance and renovations business.  He also needed copywriting services.  By video call, we discussed his business, customers, and professional background which enabled me to compose the digital content for the website with minimum effort from the client.  Other services I provided included business card and letterhead design.

Hitchin Blinds

I was asked to create a brochure style website for this small local business including writing copy to promote the client’s products and services.  As well as writing the content I liaised with the client’s suppliers to source product images.  I also designed the logo and created the colour scheme for their brand.  I applied SEO to the content and the site ranks 1st on Google and Bing for local searches for “blinds”.  I also helped the client to acquire and migrate to the domain hitchinblinds.co.uk which was previously claimed by another company.  I continue to provide the client with ongoing website and technical support as well as designing their digital and printed advertisements.

Aligned Bodies

This client’s existing website was a few months old and although it looked great and functioned well, it ranked very low in search results for his preferred keywords “rolfing in london”.  The client approached me to help improve the ranking.  The original web designer had built in very little SEO so I applied on page SEO and used tools such as Google Search Console and Bing Web Console to target and accelerate crawling of certain pages.  I advised the customer on how to use his blog to keep his content fresh and embed links to his blog articles to increase page authority.  The website now ranks 1st on Google and Bing for the customer’s keywords.  I also provide the client with ad-hoc technical support for complex website updates and website fixes.

JCL Blinds in St Albans

JCL Blinds

This client required an inexpensive and low maintenance website solution.  I recommended using Wix as all software and security updates are handled by Wix and the basic Wix package would meet his needs.  As well as designing the site, logo and brand colours, I provided all copy writing and liaised with the client’s suppliers to source images for the site.

JCL Blinds in St Albans

Good Times Yoga

This client who runs her own yoga studio, wanted a redesign of her Squarespace website. She wanted a more professional feel to fit in with her growing business. I created a cleaner, modern look and also improved the user experience by making it easier for users to navigate and find content. The website already had excellent copy but it needed to be search optimised. I incorporated the client’s weekly newsletter into a blog which has since been listed as a top 10 yoga teacher blog. I also implemented a booking system for her yoga classes starting initially with a budget plan on SimplyBook.me then moving more recently to Acuity Scheduling as her business and budget expanded.  Zoom integration was added to make booking of live streaming classes more automated.  The site is ranked on Page 1 on Google and Bing for local searches for “yoga”.

Athena Beauty

This small business client had started a home beauty salon and needed a low cost website to advertise her services to local customers. She also wanted a simple CMS to be able to edit the site herself so I built the site using Weebly which I felt would be quick for the client to learn. I wrote content for the home page and sourced images that highlighted her niche in Dermalogica skin care. I also incorporated branding that the client had on existing advertising leaflets.  The website is ranked on Page 1 on both Google and Bing for local searches for “beauty therapists”.